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Why A Land Lab?

Montessori believes that economic independence is as important to the development of the adolescent, as personal independence (dressing and feeding themselves) is to the development of the 3 year old. The Land Lab gives students the opportunity to explore the entire economic cycle. This includes the purchases, marketing, selling, decision making, and accounting of running a micro business.

Montessori refers to the land lab as, “the school of experience in the elements of social life.” Students develop a strong sense of community by working together in a joint venture, which requires team work, problem solving, maintaining the environment, developing projects and making real decisions that can harm, or enhance their business. Education is also provided in the fields of Botany, Biology, and Ecology and enhanced through a hands-on experiential learning environment.

“Men with hands and no head, and men with head and no hands are equally out of place in the modern community. Therefore, the work on the land is an introduction both to nature and civilization and gives a limitless field for scientific and historic studies. It is a safe and healthy environment to promote their transition to adulthood.”
– Maria Montessori